Phoenix Flow Reactor™

Versatile and modular

The Phoenix Flow Reactor™ is an easy-to-use, high temperature reactor created for chemists that have reached a dead end in their chemistry using conventional batch apparatus and are interested in making novel compounds from a parameter space not achievable on standard lab equipment.

Its versatility allows to create a reaction system that suits the chemistry best.


Powerful: Up to 450 °C temperature capability

Versatile: Perform reactions in a loop homogeneously or use a range of different cartridges for heterogeneous reagents/catalyst chemistry

Modular and customizable: The chemist can put together the required modules to set up a system that fits the chemistry best

Fast: Slow batch reactions take only a few seconds in the Phoenix Flow Reactor™

Simple: 2-button stand-alone control or automated touchscreen control on the H-Cube Pro™

How does it work?

Phoenix Flow Reactor™ is composed mainly by a powerful heating unit capable of reaching up to 450 °C. This heating unit is very versatile: it can nest a reaction zone of various shapes depending of the type of chemistry to be carried out just by changing the holders.

Available reactors and holders for Phoenix Module

There is a big selection of ready-made reactor setups for homogeneous and also for heterogeneous applications.

Loops: 4, 8 or 16 mL made of PTFE (with pressure and temperature limitations), from 316L SS or Hastelloy C22 (for high pressure and temperature). It is also possible to acquire the plain holders if you require to buy tube and coil the loop yourself.

Packed bed reactors. Prefilled CatCarts are available: 30 mm, 70 mm long CatCarts and MidiCarts also, but they have their own limitations. We also allow the users to pack their own columns; we deliver precut tubes with fittings from 1/8” OD to ½” OD with 125 mm and 250 mm length. The reactor holder sets are made of 4 pieces each case; they are required to fill up the internal volume of the Phoenix Foe Reactor™.

Please be aware that these are off self-options, if there is a specific request for a loop-packed combination or hosting specific shaped/sized reactor, we may be able to offer a solution if that fits in the 5×25 cm space.

Technical Parameters of the H-Cube Midi™
Type Max temperature (°C) Max pressure (bar)
Prepacked catalyst cartridges
MidiCart 150 150
30 mm CatCart 250 150
70 mm CatCart 250 150
Metal-metal sealed columns
125 mm (1/4 SS id 3 mm) 450 200
125 mm (1/4 SS id 3.8 mm) 450 200
125 mm (1/2 SS id 9.4 mm) 450 200
250 mm (1/4 SS id 3 mm) 450 200
250 mm (1/4 SS id 3.8 mm) 450 200
250 mm (1/2 SS id 9.4 mm) 450 200
Teflon 4 ml, 8 ml and 16 ml 150 15
Stainless steel 4 ml, 8 ml and 16 ml 450 200
Hastelloy 4 ml, 8 ml and 16 ml 450 200

Devices that can be connected to the Phoenix Flow Reactor™


The HPLC pump is a 10 mL/min capacity unit with built-in pressure sensor („inlet pressure sensor”). It is recommended to have an extra HPLC pump if multiple inlets are needed for the application.

Pressure Module

The Pressure Module generates the pressure in the reaction chamber. The module contains a “system valve”, a pressure sensor and a 3-way valve to set the outlet (to waste or to product). The maximum pressure available is 200 bar (300 bar for custom request).

Control Module

The Control Module allows to govern and visualize the records of any connected modules via the single touch screen. This automatic control of the whole system’s parameters plays an essential role in the safety.

Gas Module

When the Gas Module is connected to the Phoenix Flow Reactor, it allows the introduction of gases, such as hydrogen, carbon monoxide, oxygen, Syngas, etc. User can choose from the 13 gases of the menu to be used up to 100 bar pressure, or any gas which characteristics are under the safety parameters of the system, widening the reactor’s chemistry ability significantly. It is also possible to use more than one Gas Module and mixers to be able to introduce more than one gas at the same time.

H-Cube Pro

Use the Phoenix Flow Reactor as a module of the H-cube Pro for cylinder-free hydrogenations and other heterogeneous catalytic reactors at temperatures up to 450 °C and much more:

When the Phoenix Flow Reactor is connected with the H-Cube Pro it is possible to set up a system to perform single or double-step reactions in series and to monitor and control the whole process using the interface of the H-Cube Pro and its in situ generated hydrogen. The introduction of other gases is also possible if the Gas Module is added to the system.

System Packages with the Phoenix Flow Reactor™

1.) Basic System

Contains: HPLC Pump, Phoenix Flow Reactor, Pressure Module

For chemical liquid-liquid or solid-liquid reactions.

  • The HPLC Pump delivers the starting material solution into the system, which is set to the desired temperature and pressure.
  • The starting material solution enters the selected reaction zone, which can be a loop, a CatCart, a MidiCart or a metal-metal sealed column filled with catalyst, where the reaction takes place.
  • The product is collected in a collection vial.

2.) Professional System

Contains: HPLC Pump, Phoenix Flow Reactor, Gas Module, Pressure Module, Control Unit

For chemical reactions in gas-liquid phase, with or without catalyst

  • The gas coming from a high-pressure gas source (usually a gas tank) is introduced in the Gas Module, which ensures the accurate dosage of the gas.
  • The HPLC pump introduces the liquid into the system.
  • The gas and the liquid are mixed in the gas-liquid mixer.
  • The gas-liquid mix enters the heated and pressurized reaction zone, which can be a loop, a CatCart, a MidiCart or a metal-metal sealed column filled with catalyst, where the reaction takes place.
  • Product is collected in the collection vial.

Automation in an extended chemistry space

Fully automated flow chemistry platform, dedicated to automating high pressure and temperature reactions, with or without gases (such as carbon monoxide or hydrogen) is available. The automated system features the H-Cube Pro, the Phoenix Flow Reactor and the Gas Module combined with an autosampler. The PC controlled automated system is able to inject starting materials into the reaction zone and then to collect the product as well. The combined system is one of the most versatile automation systems available and can perform the following:

  • Reactions from 10-450 °C and 1-100 bar (1450 psi).
  • Up to 13 different reagent gases.
  • Heterogeneous or homogeneous catalysis.
Technical Data
Max. temperature: 450°C
Warm-up time: 10 min (from 30°C – to 450°C)
Cool-down time: 60 min (from 450°C – to 50°C)
Max. pressure: 200 bar
Cooling gas input pressure 1-6 bar – Nitrogen
Dimensions: Height: 23 cm (9.1”), Width: 42 cm (16.5”), Depth: 22 cm (8.7”)
Weight: ca. 18 kg (40 lbs)
Power requirements: 230 VAC or 120VAC (made to order), 50-60Hz, 3000VA
Circuit breakers for heating 2×12A


Yes. With the help of as many Gas Modules as necessary and with the Pressure Module, it is possible to perform catalytic reactions in gas phase at high temperatures and pressures.
No, the Phoenix Flow Reactor requires at least a liquid feed and a backpressure supplier to maintain the introduced liquid in solution phase. It can also work as a module of the H-Cube Pro.
Yes. If you are a current user of H-Cube Pro or already own a backpressure regulator and an HPLC pump, you will be able to connect the Phoenix Flow Reactor to them.
Both homogeneous and heterogeneous (bi- and triphasic) reactions.
Yes. It is possible to create a completely customized system that fits your own needs. Talk to our application chemists to find out what would be the perfect configuration for you.